Ruis / Noise

Ruis is de tweestrijd tussen de digitale wereld en realiteit. We staan altijd aan en zijn overal. De hele tijd online, verbonden maar verdwaald, aanwezig maar afwezig, overal maar nergens tegelijk. Waar stop ik en begin jij?


Can I stop the noise?

I long for a world where I can be present in my own life. A world without my phone, like back then, before the noise.

But now I take the buzzing everywhere I go. Seducing me to engage, pulling me in, suffocating me. How long can I spend without checking, refreshing? I feel like I’m drowning. But I’m addicted and I can’t let it go.

I hear the sound of an incoming message, I just can’t resist. You pull me in, envelop me in your cacophony of noise. Screaming into a sea of data.

I can’t focus anymore. I can’t relax. I need to answer. I need to check.

Are you still here?

Where do I stop, and you begin? I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The noise surrounds and howls for attention, I am just so tired, my battery is drained.

Can I stop the noise?

Noise visually explores the struggle of living in a time where we are constantly distracted. Our digital lives are merging with reality. We take our phones with us, everywhere we go. We are online all the time, connected but disconnected.

Can you stop the noise?